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Electrolysis and rates

2 3                           4
6                 7  
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11     12          
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3.Useful alkali produced during the electrolysis of brine
5.Smaller pieces react faster as they have a larger?
6.Increasing concentration or surface area increases the what of collisions?
8.Increases rate by increasing both frequency and energy of collisions
9.These ions move to the positive electrode
12.A water soluble base
14.Breaking down a substance using electricity
16.Lead iodide, barium sulfate and silver chloride are examples of these salts
18.These ions make a solution acidic
1.Increasing the amount of particles in a given volume increases the?
2.Produced at the positive electrode during the electrolysis of brine
4.The process where we coat a cheap metal with a more valuable one
7.This substance increases the rate of a chemical reaction without being used up itself
10.Produced at the negative electrode during the electrolysis of brine
11.Substance that conducts electricity and is broken down by electrolysis
13.These ions make a solution alkaline
15.Theory behind the rate of chemical reactions that particles have to hit each other in order to react
17.These move to the electrodes during electrolysis

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