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Economic Systems Vocabulary

D. Unger

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1.In this economy people do what they have always done
5.The first basic economic question
7.What you do to make money as an adult
8.These resources are the 'gifts of nature'
9.A word that means individuals own property
10.The time when the sun is up
12.The negative result of selling goods
14.How a society answers the three basic economic questions
16.The positive result of selling goods
17.A risk-taking business person
21.Another word for something you can buy
23.Saskatchewan is this direction from Alberta
24.Someone who buys a good or service
25.Someone who makes bread
26.A limited number of resources to meet people's wants and needs
30.This type of economy is most like a zoo
32.Businessmen make all the decisions in this economy
34.This economy has both public and private ownership
35.the opposite of water
36.What the government collects to pay for things
2.These resources have been made by others and are used up in the production of goods
3.How much of a resource is available
4.What you get when you do something well
6.What natural resource is used to make plastic
11.Canada is this direction from the USA
13.Where seeds grow
15.These resources are reusable
16.Someone who makes a good or provides a service
18.These are all the resources used to make goods and services
19.The former communist country east of Europe
20.Husband of your aunt
22.A word that means the government owns property
27.This is an example of a country with a planned economy
28.To trade goods or services
29.These are the resources that are the people involved
31.How much of a resource is wanted
33.A machine that takes the place of people in producing goods or services

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