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Divine Madness

1 2 3
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7.The first name of James' "mother" on the mission.
8.What sport does James join in with on his first visit to the commune?
10.What is Rat's favourite novel? (2 Words)
12.The country where the Survivors' coffee comes from.
13.Which Survivor shows James around when he moves into the commune?
15.What charity do the Survivors' pretend to be fundraising for? (2 Words)
18.What city does Clyde Xu live in? (2 Words)
19.What is the name of the adult Survivor working with Barry Cox?
20.In which Australian city do James and co. begin their mission?
22.Which horror film is screened in the boys' dorm in the commune? (2 Words)
24.Who is the mission controller? (2 Words)
1.What animal is Eleanor Regan's nickname?
2.In what kind of building is the Survivors' commune?
3.Who is the author of "Divine Madness"? (2 Words)
4.What is James and Rat's punishment for perving on the girls in the showers?
5.What do the Evans brothers say they're making in the Australian outback?
6.What colour shirt is Lauren awarded at the end of the novel?
9.What do Lauren and her friends tip over James when he is passed out?
11.Full name of the 15-year-old cherub on the mission. (2 Words)
14.The radios are delivered to James and Lauren in a carton of what?
16.What criminal activity did James and Lauren's mum engage in?
17.What kind of fuel is Help Earth targeting?
21.What is Lauren stabbed with by the school bullies?
23.What is Emily Wildman's son called?

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