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Colony Crossword

Mariyah and Skylar

  3 4
  9             10    
  12     13                    
  14                 15      
      16               17  
  19                 20              
    21   22            

2.The three-sided trade route between Africa, the West Indies, and colonial New England (2 Words)
5.The middle leg of the triangular trade route in colonial times in which captive Africans were shipped to the West Indies to be sold into slavery (2 Words)
6.In colonial times, the name of the eastern foothills of the Appalachians
8.The businessof farming
9.A large farm that often grows one crop
11.The story of a person's own life written by himself or herself
12.When more than one group works together
14.A group of countries, states, or people who join for a common purpose
16.The business of buying and selling people for profit (2 Words)
18.A special agreement
19.To allow people to have different beliefs from your own
20.A word used by settlers to describe land beyond their settlements
22.A group of volunteers who fought in times of emergency during the colonial period and the American Revolution
23.A lawmaking body
24.The boss of a plantation
25.To send goods to other countries for sale or use
26.A coming together of buyers and sellers
27.A plant used to produce a blue dye
1.An economic system in which people can own property and businesses and are free to decide what to make, how much to produce, and what price to change (2 Words)
3.The making or passing of laws
4.A person who is skilled in a particular craft
7.Rules made by colonial planters that controlled the lives of enslaved Africans (2 Words)
10.All the businesses that make one kind of product or provide one kind of service
11.A person who works for a skilled person to learn a trade or art
13.A person who owns a property or a business
15.A town officer
17.A member of an elected assembly
19.The betrayal of one's country by giving help to an enemy
21.A person who owes money

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