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Smart crossword


1       2         3           4 5 6
      7 8  
9                 10           11      
12             13    
    14   15                      
16   17         18 19                
24       25                              
    27   28 29   30  
31                           32                
34           35                        
  38 39           40 41  
43     44         45                  
47             48 49                
50         51   52          
  53                   54    
56           57                

1.This happened to Bill Clinton and Richard Nixen
3.Black book/movie (2 Words)
9.who lives in a pineapple under the sea
10.Queen Elizabeth 2 home
14.Walmart Creater (2 Words)
16.the early bird catches the
18.Home of the Ravens
20.Disney site with penguins and puffles (2 Words)
21.Color of "I want to go home. I want to go home. I want to go home" slippers
22.Book and movie with Edmund,Susan,Peter, and Lucy (4 Words)
24.Gives Oxengen
25.First black in Major league of All American Sport (2 Words)
26.Color for/or sad
31.Winner of super bowl in 2012 Gatorade pour (3 Words)
32.State as 500
33.Like a canoe but is the same word spelled backwords
34.In a fable a morse saves a
35.How to sort the library (2 Words)
36.Movie of civil war pres.
37.Poor, The Dust Bowl during the dirty 30's (3 Words)
38.A book and movie about a ship when people knew more about the sea across the Pacific (2 Words)
43.Store on the background og Back to th future. (2 Words)
45.Someone live inside you
46.Mother of Jesus
47.The stars will fall
48.First Month
50.Game with Mr.Green and Ms. Peacock
53.Voice of Dory
55.playing it now (2 Words)
56.Keys that are white and black
57.Believe in God and read the
58.Yellow Take me from Walmart to Yellow Stone
4.Bird can't fly
5.Gives you one in Bingo and can be anything in UNO
6.T.V. show with 5th graders. Who is smart (7 Words)
8.Percy Jackson, 39 Clues, The Red Pyrimid, and The mark of Athena (2 Words)
11.Discovery T.V. with Mike Rowe (2 Words)
12.Radio talk guy/ Judge on AMericas got talent (2 Words)
15.Coming to theaters in 2013 Major: Scarring (2 Words)
17.Turn this color when embarresed or angry
19.Failed at math E+m3 (2 Words)
23.Car Inventer +Company (2 Words)
27.pLural Child
28.God of Water in Greek Mythology
29.Count by _'s
39.Universal Parks and Disney World
40.The ______Derby
41.Name for Negatives
42.This final battle makes England Surender
44.Day Jesus Risen
47.360_____________ in an hour
49.Steve Jobs or delisous
52.Voice from Apple on Pones
54.Vietnam, China, Russia, South Korea
56.the dwalf planet once planet

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