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Vocabulary #2

Halim Humam Yusef Bey

1 2
7           8  
  9           10     11      
12 13          

3.A disease, illness, sickness, often used figuratively
5.All of a persons descendants; ancestry; all succeeding generations
6.Of connected with ones birth; dating from birth;native of said place
7.A person or thing that performs an action or brings about a certain result; a representative
9.The condition or fact of being the firstborn of the same parents
14.To declare as holy; to make or declare sacred for religious reasons us; to devote entirely
16.The state of being solicitous; excessive care or concern
1.The study of religious doctrines and matters of divinity; the study of god and gods relation to mankind, and the universe
2.Wise;discerning; judicious; showing wisdom and good judgment; a wise man
3.A mother who rules her family or tribe; a highly respected elderly woman
4.That which cannot be sold, taken away or transferred
8.The look of approval on a persons face; approval; support; calm; control; composure
10.Desire or ambition to equal or surpass
11.Accurate and detailed description of a place; the science of drawing a map; charting or otherwise representing surfaces
12.Various, miscellaneous, chiefly, an officer who is a strict disciplinarian
13.To make better; to improve; to change or revise
15.Having or showing religious devotion; seemingly virtuous

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