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Biological Functions

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6.includes remainder of all neural tissue in the rest of the body
9.mediates eating, drinking and sexual behavior.
10.controls attentiveness and timing of sleep.
11.cells that hold neurons in place (supporting cells)
14.the close connection between the axon of one neutron and the dendrites of another neuron
15.Graphic recording of electrical charges or brain waves
16.set of structures that appear to impose controls of behavior regulated by hipothalamus.
17.a chemical that diffuses across the synaptic gap and stimulates the next neuron
18.transmits impulses to neuron glands and muscles.
19.regulates balance,posture,movement and muscle coordination.
20.The process of forming a myelin sheath
1.an electrochemical impulse that travels from the dendrite to the end of the axon
2.The concept that the brain's two different hemispheres function differently
3.Examination of what happens when the corpus callosum is severed
4.Includes the brain and the spinal cord
5.Lowest section of the brainstem
7.Contains centers of Vision and reading ability
8.thick bundle of nerve fibers that run from the base of the brain to hip area running through the spine
12.connect the two hemispheres of the brain
13.carry outgoing signals from CNS to muscles and glands

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