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Jolly Ann Q.


1       2 3 4
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1.Are holes dug or drilled deep into the ground to reach a reservoir of groundwater.
5.They gradually build mound shaped dripstone deposits called______________.
8.Much of the precipitation that falls on land enters the ground through the process of_______________and becomes groundwater.
9.These and other types of dripstone formations are composed of a types of limestone called_________.
11.Limestone regions that have sinkholes, sinks, and sinking streams are said to have_______________.
17.The ability of a material to let water pass through it is called_____________.
20.The difference between the original water-table level and the water level in the pumped well is called the_____________.
2.These deposits gradually from cone-shaped or cylindrical structures called___________that hang from the cave's ceiling like icicles.
3.The depth below Earth's surface at which groundwater completely fills all the pores of a material is called the_________________.
4.These natural discharges of groundwater are called_____________.
6.When the rate of recharge is high enough, the pressurized water in a well drilled into a confined aquifer may spurt above the land surface in the form of a fountain called an____________.
7.Water from precipitation and runoff is added back to the zone of saturation on the process of___________.
10.Most groundwater flow takes place through permeable layers called______________.
12.Are explosive hot springs that erupt at regular intervals.
13.The water on and in Earth's crust makes up the________________.
14.Have temperatures higher than that of the human body.
15.The upper boundary of the zone of saturation is the____________.
16.A natural underground opening with a connection to Earth's surface is called a______________.
18.The percentage of a pore space in a material is called its ______________.
19.Is a depression in the ground caused by the collapse of a cave or by the direct dissolution of bedrock by acidic rain or moist soil.

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