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8.Depth below Earth's surface where all the pores of a material are completely filled with groundwater
10.The ability of a material to let water pass through
11.Holes dug or drilled deep into the ground to reach a reservoir of groundwater
14.Cone-shaped or cylindrical dripstone deposit of calcium carbonate that hangs like an icicle from a cave's ceiling
15.A natural underground opening with a connection to Earth's surface
16.Difference between the water level in a pumped well and the original water-table level
17.Most groundwater flow that takes place though permeable layers
18.Explosive hot springs that erupt at regular intervals
19.A type of limestone found in dripstone formations
1.Fountain of water that squrts above the land surface when a well taps a deep, confined aquifer containing water under pressure
2.Percentage of open spaces between grains in a rock; Highest in well-sorted sediments.
3.Process by which precipitation that has fallen on land surfaces enters the ground and becomes groundwater
4.The upper boundary of the zone of saturation
5.Having temperatures higher than that of the human body
6.Irregular topography with sinkholes, sinks, and sinking streams caused by groundwater dissolution of limestone
7.Sinkhole is a depression in the ground caused by the collapse of a cave or by the direct dissolution of bedrock by acidic rain or moist
9.Natural discharge of groundwater
12.Mound-shaped dripstone deposit of calcium carbonate that forms on a cave's floor beneath a stalactite
13.Process by which water from precipitation and runoff is added to the zone of saturation

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