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United Native Friendship Centre History

Wiinisidotam Adult Literacy Program

Complete the puzzle using the short history provided.

1       2         3
6               7    
9   10  
11                     12  

1.___________ are required to maintain our primary functions outlined in our formative years.
5.The UNFC serves our community in the social, cultural and _________ fields.
6.Elders can provide _________ and spiritual teachings.
8.We have created __________ with other community service providers.
11.The Ojibwe word included in the name of our Adult Literacy program.
13.The number of programs the UNFC started with.
14.The avenue on which our Zaagi’idiwin Aboriginal Headstart program is located.
2.The UNFC seeks to build a bridge of ___________ between Native and non-Native people.
3.The Ojibwe word included in the name of our Aboriginal Headstart program.
4.The number of years the UNFC has been in existence.
7.The number of Board members.
9.The number of programs the UNFC houses today.
10.The avenue on which the UNFC main building is located.
12.The avenue on which the Circle of Life Centre is located.

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