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World War 1

Emily Russell

1 2
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  13               14      
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3.document signed exactly 5 years to the day of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand
6.came into power in Russia in November 1917
7.another name for submarine
10.a key part of total war that has to do with the amount of gods avialable to the public
11.treaty to defend one another in an event of war
12.piece of equipment introduced by ther Germans at the Battle of Verdun
13.countries devote all heir resources to the war effort
15.the president in office during the war
16.war vehicle introduced during the Battle of Somme
18.one-sided government information let out to the public, often in the form of ads
19.stretch of battlefield along the Russian and German borders
20.Austria declared war on this country in 1914
21.British passanger ship sunk by a German submarine
24.formed to help prevent another war like WW1 from happening
27.month of which WW1 ended
28.unsuccessful plan to attack and defeat France in the West and runover to fight Russia in the East
31.disease caused by the cold and muddy conditions of the trenches
34.Woodrow Wilson, Georges Clemnceau, David Lloyd George, Viltorio Orlando
35.affection of one's country and the desire to have that country free of outside controls
36.occured alot in Africa, increasing tension over territories and boundaries
37.used for bombing, dog fights, and strafing runs
38.after the dvances made to these in WWI, changed the way war was fought
1.the person assassinated right before the war began
2.aircraft made by the Germans, originally used for bombing and easily shot down
3.treaty marking the end of WW1
4.Archduke Franz Ferdiand was from this country
5.The Ottoman Empire, Germany, Austria-Hungary
7.joined the war in 1917
8.the Germans were the first to use this poisonous gas in the war
9.glorifying military power and keeping an army prepared for war
14.Woodrow Wilson's series of peace proposals from January 1918
17.technology brought out to protect soldiers from poisonous gas
22.known as the terran of death, stretched from the North Sea to th Swiss border
23.deep ditches where the soldiers fought/hid
25.Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy, Japan
26.the land between trenches that neither side controlled
29.the land between trenches that neither side controlled
30.agreement between Germany and France to stop fighting
32.the country that began having troubles while the U.S began to join the war
33.first to use lethal poison gas on a large scale

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