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Prefix mono-

Afternoon Class 04/17/2013

3               4    
9 10                    
  11 12 13  

1.I wasn't interested in what the ___ teacher was saying.
2.A long speech said by one person is a ___.
3.My new bike is ___ - all silver with a light silver seat and dark silver tires.
6.The great ___ of the world are breathtaking and some considered magical.
7.Since I have ___, I get nervous and sweaty when I am home alone.
8.Since WalMart is a ___, local stores lose business when a WalMart moves in.
10.When I was ___, I wasn't able to understand English.
14.My great grandfather used a ___ to read.
15.I was so sick that I could only respond with a ___ yes or no.
16.The ___ in this big city is very busy and crowded, especially during rush hour.
1.A track for a subway or train that has only one rail is a ___.
2.I didn't hear Obama's one-hour ___, but I understood the gist of it.
3.The fear of being alone is called ___.
4.A person who can speak and write only one language is ___.
5.A painting, photo ot outfit that is only one color or shades of one color is ___.
8.A word with only one syllable is ___.
9.An eyeglass for only one eye is a ___.
11.A speech or lecture in which every word has one tone of voice is ___.
12.A business that controls a product or a service is a ___.
13.Something made out of one large rock or one single rock monument is a ___.

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