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Gr. 8 Summative #3 Review

Gr. 8 Review Crossword

3               4   5
  6   7        
8 9                    
10 11                
    12       13 14  
    15                         16          
17                     18                  
  19     20               21
      22   23    
  24                       25                
  26     27           28      
31                       32
35               36              
37                     38                
39         40                      

1.period of 100 years
3.Aztec city-state
7.Powerful organization of sheep farmers
9.used to measure the locationsn of stars and planets as an aid to navigation
11."mother culture" of Aztecs
15.interpreter for Cortez
16.First Gold coin in Europe
17.Spanish soldiers died instead of giving up gold in this battle
18.floating gardens
19.Aztec slaves
24.Aztec battles durng times of peace
25.value of currancy goes down
27.Fine parchment made of calves
30.Cortes wanted to spread this in the New World
31._______ sequence
34.Merchant class in Florence
35.the pope and his buddies
36.mix of Spanish and Aztec blood
37.divided their city into four quarters
38.journey to sacred places for religious purposes
39."God, ____ & Gold!"
40.a leader in the Spanish conquest of America
1.The language of the Spanish after unification
2.head of government in Venice
4.Spanish estate
5.Gives financial support to a cause or person
6.One of the three reasons why ideas were so slow to spread during the Renaissance
8.society who had the most impact on the Aztecs
10.regain Iberian peninsula from the Moors
12.The dialect chosen by William Caxton when printing books
13.prevented any one city-state becoming powerful enough to overthrow any other
14.First genuinely Spanish art
20.Aztec currancy
21.This city was a major port city for Crusaders
22.invented the spring powered clock
23.centre of Aztec civilization
26.language of Europe prior to the Renaissance
28._______ Inquisition
29.Traveling Spanish singer and musician
32.associations that met for prayer sessions charity work and held mass
33.wool manufacturers, wool finishers, and silk merchants gather in ______

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