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1 2 3
4               5            
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10                     11  
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4.what the author is trying to accomplish through his/her writing
7.the time and location that a story takes place
10.blending information from two texts to make a conclusion
12.a second - hand source of information like a news reporter
14.the author's attitude toward his/her subject
16.the way to structure a text so that a reader and analyze similarities and differences in a topic
17.the result, or consequence of an action
18.a comparison of two things that uses like or as
19.comparing two things not using like or as
1.the reason something happens
2.the feeling that the author creates for the reader through imagery
3.a way to structure a text that gives step by step instructions or a series of events
5.a literary device that gives lifelike or human qualities to something not alive
6.the combination of a reader's own knowledge and the information given in a text that leads to a conclusion about the subject
8.words and phrases that create a picture in the reader's mind
9.an original source of information, told striaght from the source itself
11.the repitition of the same consonant sounds
13.the statement about life or human nature that an author is trying to convey to the reader
15.the most important piece of information that the author is trying to convey

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