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Driving Problems pages 132-133

Conversation Class 04/19/2013

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1.The driver was unbalanced during the field ___ test.
3.The city has ___ up the sales tax to 9.00%.
6.My tires each have five ___.
7.Don't touch the ___ pipe because it's hot!
8.___ come out of cars, air conditioners and factories.
10.I don't know how to change a ___ tire!
13.The driver's ___ ___ level was above .08%.
15.The police officer made an ___ report after the collision.
17.Speeding is a ___ violation.
20.There was a 3-car ___ on the freeway.
21.I got into a ___ bender in the parking lot.
22.The semi-truck's ___ was terrible, so I rolled up my window.
24.___ means drugs, such as alcohol, marijuana and cocaine.
25.I got a ___ from a shoppping cart.
2.The driver didn't have insurance, so her car was ___.
4.I wasn't paying attention, so I ___ with another student.
5.The drunk driver got a ___ on his record.
7.I have to sign up for ___ School for this ticket.
9.Since he was ___, his friends took away his car keys.
11.I want to ___ this ticket because I didn't run the red light!
12.I want to ___ a point from my driving record.
13.The drunk driver had to take a ___ test.
14.I got a ___-___ ticket for too much exhaust.
16.Her license was ___ for six months.
18.I can only afford ___ insurance.
19.Many ___-___ stared at the accident.
23.I need to work out because I have a ___ tire!

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