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2   3           4            
    6   7
8     9                 10          
      11       12
14 15 16                                      
21               22          
24                               25
26         27      
    28 29                          
      31   32                      
  35 36          

3.This type of creature is very hard to kill. It has 1000 health in the creature and tribal stages and 3000 in the civilization and space stages.
5.This binary is made up of two blue giants.
8.You can go in these to be transported to other parts of the galaxy.
10.This alignment means you have socialized with a species completely..
16.Stars that have not formed yet.
17.A terrascore-1 planet in the Sol system.
18.This is a cell part that enables fast turning.
20.This is a teal cell with three flagella.
21.This is a cell eye that is only accessible through the Cell Editor.
24.The stage where you must start wars or trade routes.
29.This is the nest in which you live.
30.The stage where you can explore other solar systems.
32.This is an unimplemented editor in which you can make plants.
33.This alignment is between hostile and neutral.
34.The stage where you collect food to survive.
36.This orbits planets.
37.A prehistoric mosquito fossil.
38.What planets orbit.
1.A socialization tool in the tribal stage.
2.Where tribal members live.
4.This is a type of creature that has 250 health and does a lot of damage when attacking.
6.This is an unimplemented editor in which you can get more cell parts.
7.This is the type of creature you are when you first come out the cell stage.
9.The first stage where you are a microscopic organism.
11.This is found at the center of the galaxy.
12.This artifact resembles a shark tooth.
13.This alignment is between allied and neutral.
14.This is an alignment in which the animal is neither angry nor happy.
15.This species inhabits the area around the galactic core.
19.You can start these to earn money and buy planets or cities.
22.This is a movement cell part that appears on most cells.
23.This is the most aggressive alignment.
24.The stage where you are a land animal and must attack or socialize with species.
25.This binary is made up of two red dwarfs.
26.Where creatures live.
27.This creature appears when you swim too far.
28.This cell part will appear first on booster.
31.The system in which Earth is found.
35.This is the smallest cell.

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