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Chapter 15

Ms. Jund

10th Grade High School History

1 2              
  4 5 6
7                       8                          
  10 11          
18                           19  

2.system of thought and belief; value system or perspective.
3.Who was the president that supported an invasion attempt by U.S. trained Cuban exiles?
7.Set absolute limit on number of weapons each side could hold.
8.West Germany Chancellor/ Prime Minister, who guided the rebuilding of cities, factories, and trade.
12.Set strict limits on missiles that could shoot down missiles from the other side.
14.Banned testing of nuclear weapons in the atmosphere
15.Who created military alliance called the Warsaw Pact?
16.emerged as a leader of the civil rights movement, aimed to extent equal rights to all Americans, and particularly African Americans
17.Who emerged as the new Soviet leader, he shocked the communist party when he publicly denounced Stalin’s abuse of power?
18.unequal treatment or barriers
20.Who organized an armed rebellion against the corrupt dictator who then ruled Cuba?
22.the total valuse of all goods and services produced in a nation within a particular year
23.a country with a market economy but with increased government responsibilities.
24.period of reduced economic activity
25.the US strategy of keeping communism within its existing boundaries and preventing its further expansion
1.• Who formed military alliance called the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)?
4.forced separation by race, sex religion, or ethnicity
5.Froze existing number of weapons help by each side.
6.Who held power from the mid-1960’s until he died in 1982?
7.the movement to built-up areas outside of central cities
9.succeeded, thrived, did well
10.US President who launched a program to build a “Star Wars” missile defense against a missile attack.
11.A nations stronger than other powerful nations
13.missiles that can shoot down other missiles
19.Required both sides to reduce the number of weapons each held.
21.the relaxation of Cold War tensions during the 1970’s

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