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1 2
  4           5
7 8           9  
11           12      
13         14         15    
21   22          
  23                     24  
25       26                  

3.capital of Croatia
4.acetic acid and water; lovely on salads
7.a platform upon which a column rests
10.wrote Pale Fire and The Real Life of Sebastian Knight
11.title of a Magnetic Fields album; movement for representation without artifice
14.Earl Grey tea contains the essence of this citrus fruit
16.Mrs Dalloway's first name
17.Artschwager placed hundreds of these throughout museums and campuses
18.more beautiful than fluorescent light
19.Balzac protagonist, ruins himself in attempting to buy his daughters' love
20.the points used in calculus for determining a local max/min
21.Aristotle asserts that substances are composed of form and
23.French literary style before Symbolism and after Romanticism
25.Vladimir's nickname, Waiting for Godot
26.the study of signs and symbols and the like
5.root vegetable; cross between cabbage and turnip
6.a day for celebrating James Joyce and Ulysses
8.April breeds these flowers out of the dead land
9.frantically apply to these to occupy your summer months
11.herbaceous perennials with large leaves; eat the stalks
12.the Wife of Bath has enough experience to speak of the woe that is this
13.orange in French
15.district of Paris named for the home of the Muses in Greek mythology
22.drink gin with this kind of effervescent bitter water
24.Arial doesn't have these, but Garamond does

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