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Animal Farm Section 3 Vocab

1       2   3 4
5                       6  
  8             9  

1.I was so tired so I __________.
5.Would you like to take the beginners, ____________, or advanced class?
7.The skyscraper was ______________ taller than the little cottage.
8.I __________ the crowd to start a riot.
10.The slaves had _____________ over their masters for working too hard.
11.After the big loss I ___________ my teammates.
2.The job of __________________ takes a lot of work(mostly supervising).
3.The king __________ that it would be allowed to go hunting over the boundary.
4.There was so much ________ that my ears hurt.
6.The disease was _____________ all throughout the country.
7.The good guy ____________(gave in) to the bad guy.
9.The bad guy in the movie had so much ___________.

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