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Year 9 Science unit

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2.A contagious disease that spreads rapidly through a population and results in a high death rate.
5.A physical change that indicates a disease or disorder.
8.A disease occurring throughout an entire country or continent
9.Ability to resist and overcome infection or disease.
11.An invading organism that is capable of causing disease or sickness
13.A bacteria shaped like a rod.
15.A bacteria shaped like a spiral.
18.All the chemical processes that occur within the organism.
21.To destroy disease by cleaning
23.A parasite that lives on the outside of the body of another organism.
25.A type of pathogen that contains genetic material surrounded by a protein coating
29.The separation of sick people/animals from others that aren't sick.
31.To pass or spread from one organism to another
1.Anything that makes you feel unwell or unable to function properly
3.A substance that the body recognises as foreign, and that needs to be eliminated.
4.A bacteria shaped like a sphere.
6.A resistance to a particular disease-causing pathogen.
7.A disease affecting a large number of people in a relatively short period of time
10.The specific thing/action that starts things off
12.The giving of a vaccine to produce a type of immunity.
14.A protein molecule produced in the body that binds to a specific target with the aim killing/removing it.
16.A parasite that lives on the inside of the body of another organism.
17.A group of pathogens that are not organisms. They are "bad" proteins that make other proteins go bad .
19.A chemical substance that can selectively kill off pathogens.
20.Can be spread from one person to another
22.A type of pathogen that is a single cell
24.An organism that lives in or on another organism and uses it for food or for a home.
26.A parasitic fungi is a pathogen that belongs to a group of organisms that help to decompose dead matter.
27.Organisms that carry disease producing pathogens, but are not affected themselves
28.An organism that has another organism living in or on it

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