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Living Lakota: Say It

Living Lakota Inc.

Learn the English or Indian word for a variety of Lakota terms

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3.animal sanctified for its shell design of 13 large scales (number of moon cycles in a year) and 28 bordering scales (number of says in one cycle)
4.friend; ally
7.Seven Council Fires of the Siouan Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota tribes
12."grandmother earth"
13.Lakota word for "girl"
14.popular game in which boys roll a hoop on the ground and try to throw sticks through it
17.alternative name for Lakota; "buffalo people"
19.group of young men who organize hunts and keep order
20.first moon cycles on the Lakota calendar; "moons of renewal and growth"
1.spirit of the earth; "The Great Mystery";
2.wooden frame used for transporting heavy loads
5.Ojibwa insult meaning "little snakes"; origin of the name "Sioux"
6.annual record of a tribe's history drawn in pictographs on buffalo skin; "winter count"
8.holy man who heals and gives advice
9.Lakota word for "boy"
10.Siouan word for horse: "sacred dog"
11.group of dwellings home to a few families
15.frequently moving from place to place; Lakota way of life
16.Lakota word for "white man"
18.a Sioux leader

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