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Elements, Formulas and Equations

Mr. Perry

Using what has been learned in Physical Science to place words into the puzzle using clues given for each word

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1.This is the SI for measuring length
4.This is the name given to the electrons in the outermost level
8.These are negative in an atom and orbit around the nucleus
10.This is an element with more neutrons than protons in the nucleus
11.This type of data uses numbers and is more accepted than others types
12.This type of molecule is two of the same element covalently bonded
13.An element in Group 15 (Group VA) has this many electrons in the outer level
16.This is how many electrons an element will gain, lose or share in a bond
17.This is step #2 in the scientific method and is an educated guess
18.This is the term used for "how easily a liquid will flow"
20.These are columns on the periodic table (Have outer level electrons in common)
21.This is how many electrons it takes to fill the outer level of an element
22.These are ions made from 2 or more elements bonded and given a charge
23.The element that gains electrons during chemical bonding (negative)
26.These numbers go below the line to show how many atoms of an element
28.These are positive and give an element its atomic number
30.This type of science is done for curiosity's sake not for soving a problem
31.These are the rows on the periodic table (left to right)
32.These rays are formed during radioactive decay/They have no electrical charge
2.This theory states that everything is here based on chance and time
3.This theory states that God made everything in six literal days
5.The Law of Mass " "...matter is neither created or destroyed
6.This is like weight but doesn't change no matter on which planet you are
7.This is the sum of all oxidation numbers in a chemical formula
9.These chemical formulas are found on the left side of a chemical equation
14.These elements form a diagonal line on the periodic table (semiconductors)
15.This bonding involves the sharing of electrons
19.The element that loses electrons during a chemical bond (positive)
24.This type of bonding involves the transfer of electrons from element to element
25.These gases have a full outer level
26.This state of matter has "low compressibility" (a step above Einstein Condensate)
27.These chemical formulas are found on the right side of a chemical equation
29.His model of the atom shows the atom like the planets orbinting the sun

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