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Tools of persuasion

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2."Baby Phat makes you look FAT. Buy Apple Bottom jeans instead." (2 Words)
6.using celebrities to support a product or idea.
7.Jarod promoting eating at subway to help lose weight. (2 Words)
8.Speaking negatively against an idea or person. (2 Words)
9.urges you to do or believe something because everyone else does.
15.Uses unfair images of a group to make a point
16.Smoking can KILL you! (2 Words)
17.restating an opposing viewpoint and then showing why it is wrong (3 Words)
18.connecting a positive image with a person or idea
1."Fishy Mcbites, Mcbites. Fishy Mcbites, Mcbites."
3.the Rock says, "Got Milk?"
4.All of your friends have the new iPad Mini! You have to get one too.
5."Geico Insurance. So easy a caveman can do it!"
10.describe "possible" negative effects with strong and unsupported images that make people act out of fear instead of reason. (2 Words)
11.My opponent says kids should spend all day watching television. But kids need to study so they can do well in school. (3 Words)
12.connects ideas or products to normal people (2 Words)
13.All boys love the X-box 360. Buy one for your son today.
14.Repeating a name, slogan, product over and over

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