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Civil War

Lily Taeuber & Kaylin Colby

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1.Commander of the Union army. Raised confederate surrender. Later became president of the U.S. (2 Words)
8.A tax on foreign goods brought into the country.
11.President of the confederate states. (2 Words)
13.Ruled that slaves were property and, as property, could be taken into the territory. (3 Words)
14.Gave citizens of the territory the right to decide important decisions. (2 Words)
15.Network of abolitionists that helped slaves to freedom. (2 Words)
16.Anti-black organization formed after the Civil War to scare slaves. (3 Words)
2.Sided with the confederates and became their general. (3 Words)
3.Agreement in which both sides give in and agree with each other a little.
4.The VP of the Union and became president after Lincoln was assassinated. He had to reunite the divided country and decide punishments for the South. (2 Words)
5.Union general remembered for march to the sea burning a path in his way (across the state of Georgia), as well as being the one that Lee surrendered to. (3 Words)
6.President of the United States [assassinated] (2 Words)
7.People who wanted/tried/helped to abolish slavery.
9.Wrote ''Uncle Tom's Cabin'' in the 1800's most popular fictional book. It was told about how slavery war is unfair and brutal as well as including the causes of the war. (3 Words)
10.Actor that shot President Lincoln in the head (assassinated him). (3 Words)
12.Battle in early March, 1862 that were between the to first ironclad battleships. (3 Words)

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