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Celine Castro

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4.A tube created by the cooling and solidifying of lava
7.The layer of the Earth between core and crust
8.A volcano is a __________ formed by volcanic activity
9.A type of volcano with broad, gentle slopes and built by the eruption of fluid basalt lava
13.An ________ is when a volcano spews steam, ash, or lava
14.What was the month of Mount. St. Helens Big eruption
15.Molten rock that is found beneath the earth's surface is _______.
16.Volcanic _________ consists of small tephra, which are bits of pulverized rock and glass created by volcanic eruptions
17.A bowl-shaped depression at the top of the volcanoe
18.An opening in which lava emerges through
1.Erupts from volcanoes along with lava
2.An instrument used to detect and record earthquakes.
3.A rapidly-flowing mass of logs, ash, mud, pumice, water, and debris is called _________
5.A volcano that is erupting or has erupted recently is a _______ volcano
6.A volcano that will not erupt again is a _______ volcano
9.what day of the week was Mount. St. Helens big eruption
10.Molten rock that erupts from volcanoes is ________.
11.A volcano that has not erupted recently, but may do so in the future is a _______ Volcano
12.A mountain formed when magma comes to the surface is called a _________
17.Mountains formed from the build-up of volcanic lava often take this shape.

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