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Vanessa Belfie

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1.If you are baking cake, you want to _______ the batter.
3.When you eat a cookie you can drop a lot of ______ on the napkin.
5.When people have ______ they are strong.
6.When you _______ the batter of the cake, you can now put it in the over.
7.The ____ exploded in the air.
10.You can _________ somebody to take you somewhere
11.The little puppy was ____ and fluffy.
12.People will ______ from their jobs when they get older.
2.You want to ______ the ice cream before you eat it.
3.In math, you can put things in _______ to make them more organized.
4.People often use the expression "That's the way the cookie ________."
5.People that workout a lot are very ________.
8.The ____ said "STOP" when everybody walked across the road.
9.When a company wants to build a building they ______ the building first, then they will start to build it.

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