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Pete's Puzzle

Pete Gilbert Jr.

easy for me

1 2   3               4  
      7 8  
  9         10     11 12              
      14     15 16     17
  18                               19     20
  21         22               23      
      24         25      
28                 29                 30  
            31           32  
33         34           35 36      
39                       40                
42           43   44     45
  46       47       48          
49 50                 51      
  52                 53            
55       56       57        

2.ceo of wwe
6.castaway tv show
9.social network
16.found on the a field or in a ring
18.eagles hit
19.kind of small nail
21.NYC time
22.bugs bunny and daffy are examples
25.Russian ruler once
26.clothes storage
27.eats ants
28.movie about fake rock band in the 1960's
31.only president not to have a 1st lady
34.home or train
36.thats a wrap
37.atlantic and pacific
39.ozzy's former band name
40.high roller property monopoly
42.often lost in wash by some
46.not happy
47.baseball player not in baseball hall of fame but in wwe hall of fame
49.use on horses or a kind of shoe buster brown famous for
51.can't buy me ______
52.1978 horror movie
53.often sat on
54.not well
55.emerald isle
58.jim morrisons band
1.jasons mother was the original killer in this horror
3.Wes Craven movie 1984
4.place____ here
5.name for elevator in london
7.a craze
8.striped horse ?
10.plug in
11.original scream queen
14.boat motor ?
15.not the real thing
17.tooth or hair
20.he was a count
21.ghost voice capture
23.anthony perkins 1st portrayed him in Psycho
24.elm streeet killer
29.can be used for planes or clothes
30.holiday do gooder
32.ufo drivers
33.mom often has this
35.it can be carved
38.shell currancy
41.oz dog
43.splled the same both ways it goes fast
45.a sign
48.role for slyvester
50.video game pioneer
51.______ ranger
56.a kind of lunch ?

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