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Powerfull Pyrotechnics

George Daulman & Michael Jefferies

Mastermind Chemistry Crossword To Test The Strongest Of Minds

1           2
3   4  
8           9 10          
12                       13

1.Has the atomic number of 6
5.A reaction which involves a tempeture drop
6.Opisite of acid
8.Part of the fire triangle, you can put it in a car
10.The gas we breath
12............ ......... turns lime water cloudy (two words)
14.Fuel that we use in gas taps and also the main subtance in stink bombs
15.When a subtance is burnt it turns into an ..............
1.What we call the change from a reactant to a product (two words)
2.Seperates acids from alkalis (two words)
3.Has the atomic number of 2
4.A diagram of all the elements (two words, no spaces)
7.A title of the unit we studied
9.Most common element on earth
11.Another word for burning
13.A reaction which gives heat out

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