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October Sky

Matt Jackson

Crossword puzzle from the movie October Sky

2 3           4  
8               9 10        
13 14        
    18                       19   20
23             24    
    25 26        
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    30         31    

2.What month was the man-made satellite launched?
5.What state was the second place winner in the National Science Fair from?
6.What was Homer's moms name in the movie?
8.Mr. Boman said he flew with what group during World War II? The _________.
10.What did Homer blow up with is first rocket? His mom's _______.
12.What was the name of their rockets?
15.What state did majority of the movie take place?
16.Who told Homer at the national science fair "Congratulations and good luck"? (Werhner Von ________)
17.Who launched the last rocket? (PROPER NAME).
18.What city did Homer's mom retire to?
19.What was Homer's brothers name?
21.What country launched the world's first man-made satellite?
22.When the rockets exploded, heat from the exhaust was melting the ______________. (NOT WASHER).
23.What disease does Miss Riley die from? ___________ Disease
25.Who drove the car to football tryouts?
27.Homer learns about potassium chlorate and sulfur to use as _____________ for his rockets.
30.Miss Riley says, "Science requires ____________."
31.Who was Homer's hero? His _______.
32.What was Homer's last name?
1.Where did Homer go to School?
3.Rocketry was invented by the ______________, as early as 1000 AD.
4.What was Homer's dads name in the movie?
7.What was the name of the last rocket that they launched?
9.How many miles is it from the coal company's property to Snakeroot, where the rocket boys' launch site is?
11.Where is the National Science Fair? (STATE)
13.What was the name of the location where the rockets where shot? (Cape _________)
14.The man-made satellite traveled at 18,000 mph, so it can make an orbit every _____________ minutes. (SPELL OUT TIME).
15.Where did Homer's brother get offered a scholarship to? The University of _______________.
20.The satellite travels at a height of five hundred fifty-nine ______ above the earth. (SPELL OUT HEIGHT)
24.What was the world's first man-made satellite called?
26.What was the name of the coal company that Homer's dad works for?
28.Who says this? "Four unidentifiable high school students lost their lives early this morning when their toy rocket exploded."
29.If the mass of the propellant compared to the mass of the rocket is too little, increase the ___________ of the rocket.

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