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Quang's Spelling Words

Quang Tran

2 3  
4   5       6 7          
8   9            
12     13

4.My mom and dad had 2 _______ each.
7.When I drink to much soda i get ______.
9.My mom said it was time for ________.
10.At 6:00 it's normally time for ________.
11.When I needed ______ I asked my mom.
12.When I turned on the TV the baseball game was ________.
14.I saw a _______ flashlight today.
1.My mom was _______ this morning.
2.I was late for karate _______ and i had to do pushups.
3.I woke up late and i was ______ for school.
5.I read a book and it was about a _________.
6.It was ________ Sabold Day at school.
8.I made sure that the teams were _______.
13.My mom said that I had to follow the _______.

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