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Science Terms!

Nicholas Chu

Science Terms

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8.A wheel with a grooved rim and rope, belt, or chain.
11.Something that turns.
13.This system uses a liquid.
15.This object uses both a fixed and movable pulley.
18.The part of the object that is having work done to it.
19.One full turn.
20.The force that is supplied to an object to produce an action.
1.The name of the formula that caculates the force by a machine or system to the force applied to the equal.
2.A measure of work or energy.
3.A object that is attacked to a structure (Does not move), changes direction of effort force.
4.The ratio that shows how useful the nachine was with the actual force that is done to the machine.
5.This system that uses air.
6.This machine increases the distance used to push or pull on a object.
7.This device has a larger wheel connect by a smaller cylinder.
9.A measure of force.
10.Also known as Mechanical advantage of gears.
12.The point in a lever that doesn't move, but pivots.
14.A object that supports the load, this is not fixed in place and reduces the amount of effort force needed to lift the load.
16.The force that attracts an object towards something.
17.A Simple Machine that changes the effort force you exert in order to move an object.

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