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3     4            
6     7  
10     11          
    13 14  
15       16   17        
19 20        

3.Verysmall, smooth - synonyms of these two will make very big organization
5.Sweet made by insects
8.Surname of somebody's is one non veg main ingredient
9.Bird that can fly backwards
11.Your Mother is only daughter to their parents. who is your Mother's brother's father's wife's daughter to you
12.Recognize the logo
15.How many pairs of sitting rows are there in our team
16.Famous greeting cards company
18.A person who rides horse in race is
19.'for sure' is mostly used in our team by
1.Right angle means
2.Recognize the logo
4.Conseco supervisor
6.Deca means
7.Surname of somebody's is one vegetable
10.Applying thought
13.Who is 'the complete man'
14.How many "srinivas" are there in our team
17.Baby tiger is called
20.run, nil - if you add one letter you will get two persons in conseco

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