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space jam

James Goatcher

space based crossword

1 2 3     4             5    
9           10   11      
13         14
16     17  
18                     19 20
  22                     23
      24 25      
26                 27            
29           30       31    
        32     33      

3.a bunch of asteroids in-between mars and jupiter
6.The surface can reach 800 degrees Fahrenheit (430 degrees Celsius).
8.a planet recently changed to a dwarf planet
9.known as earths sister planet
11.creates solar winds
12.closest planet to the sun
13.the planet with the most rings in our solar system
18.what fills
21.third of the gas giants from the sun
22.a slight eruption in the solar system
24.oceans cover 70% of this planets surface
26.the name of the solar system we live in
27.largest satellite on this planet is called Titan
28.ring system is the most extensive and complex in the solar system
29.jupitar, saturn, uranus and neptune are all...
33.what replaces the sun at night
34.Its volume is 755 times greater than that of Earth.
35.extend into space and form a magnetosphere around each planet.
36.has 13 known moons
37.the eight planet from the sun
1.magnetic field is "tipped over" by about 47 degrees compared with the planet's rotation axis
2.the largest planet in our solar system
4.has atmosphere of oxygen and hydrogen
5.a complex system of air, water and land
7.1.4 kilometers wide!
10.the second man on the moon
14.nearly 4.5 billion kilometres from the sun
15.chunks of dirty ice from the formation of the solar system
16.floating objects in space that collect scientific information
17.The first man to go to the moon
19.scientists think it once supported a wet, warm earth-like planet
20.the star of our solar system
23.mercury venus and earth are all...
25.rocky remains from the formation of the solar system
28.the centre piece of the solar system
29.what keeps us grounded on earth
30.the most gaseous planet in our solar system
31.this planet has no atmosphere!
32.its magnetic field is 578 times as powerful as Earth's

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