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Shelby Harmon

1 2               3 4
6                                   7  
12                     13 14          
    16             17        

1.the founder of the religion buddhism
6.for one country to be able to make a good that costs less money than another country
8.wind that comes by season and brings rain
9.to be born into a position in society; the brahmins to the untouchables
10.no pain, just happiness. like heavan or paridise.
12.to hire somone outside of a company to work in a company
14.religion focusing on two principles such as light and dark; uses yin and yang
15.giant waves that are triggered by an earthquake like the one in japan
16.philosophy taught by confucius
18.to not eat food
2.to use information to process data. uses computers, cellphones ect. (I.T.)
3.religion originated in india by buddah
4.this religion is in japan and its focal point is ancient sprits
5.the rebirth of ones soul into a new body. part of hinduism
7.goods sold all around the world. like cars from china or shirts from nicaragua
11.to believe in mutiple gods
13.religion that belives in reincarnation
17.land that is able to grow crops

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