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new zealand carribean

1 2
3         4  
  5   6        
8     9      

3.Two large screens stood on .... side of the stage (one on the left and one on the right side of it)
6.someone who is owned by another person and works for them for no money
7.a large area of land in a hot country, where crops such as tea, cotton, and sugar are grown
8.Rosie was in London to receive her ....... as Mum of the Year.
10.Shakespeare was not ..... a writer but also an actor
1.Hold on ......!
2.clean and not containing anything harmful
4.I didn't you in your uniform. You look different.
5.an area of land that is partly covered with water, or is wet most of the time
6.This old farmhouse will be a beautiful ...... for this scene.
9.your relation to a place because you were born there, or your family used to live there:

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