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Prefixes contra- and counter-

Advanced Class 04/29/2013

1 2
  5 6                    
      7                   8          
9                               10              

3.Lady Diana was a ___ who stood up against the royal family.
4.I ___ the colors, seeing which one suited our new kitchen better.
6.The overweight parent ___ himself whenever he reprimands his kids for eating junk.
7.The direction that is opposite of the direction the hands on the clock move is ___.
9.The city has ___ the widespread graffiti with tougher punishment.
10.___ to popular belief, the U.S. is gaining manufacturing power.
12.He was arrested for carrying all sorts of ___, from guns to prescription pills.
13.An action or statement that goes against your gut feeling or common sense is ___.
14.An example used as argument against is a ___.
15.To be the opposite of real and authentic is ___.
1.A person who thinks and does differently from other people is a ___.
2.It is an Urban Legend that water in sinks and toilets drain ___ in countries south of the equator.
5.A weight, person or idea used to balance an opposite is a ___.
6.Anything that is against the law to buy or sell, or to have in school is ___.
7.Pressure from your friends can often cause you to do something ___.
8.___ U.S. bills are made more often than any other currency.
10.To be completely different or opposite in nature, opinion or action is called ___.
11.When someone is running in an election, s/he has to give many ___.
12.To do the opposite of what you have expressed is to ___ yourself.
13.To look at different things to see how they are opposites or not related is to ___.

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