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Prefixes co- and com-

Afternoon Class 04/29/2013

5                     6
      7 8  
10     11                  

1.Before I came to this school, I ___ it to other local adult schools.
3.The rebels have been ___ elements to make explosives.
4.Talking together with someone via person, phone, cell or Internet is called ___.
5.Two events that accidentally and surprisingly happen together are a ___.
11.Whales and dolphins ___ in the ocean.
12.I need to improve the basics of my ___: talking and listening.
13.To be together and get along because you are similar is to be ___.
14.A military unit needs to be ___ in order to be successful.
16.The ___ planned two beach clean-ups, one in Spring and the other in Fall.
17.To put two things together is to ___.
1.The family has been ___ since his sudden death.
2.To work together to produce successful results is to be ___.
5.The ___ couple has been married for 35 years.
6.My ___ offers many amenities, such as parks, pools and a library.
7.What a wonderful ___ to see you here!
8.To feel sorry for someone or to be together during a sad time is to ___.
9.To put things together to see how they are the same is to ___.
10.A place where people live together is called a ___.
13.A group of people who meet together to discuss a topic is a ___.
15.To live peacefully together without any problems is to ___.

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