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Yr7 Revision

3                       4    
5 6                    
9                 10              
12 13                      
        14 15        
    16     17            
    20 21            
    23 24      

3.Technique to examine the different colours in a dye
6.Hazard of acids and alkalis
7.We get this when a solid dissolves in a liquid
8.Process which allows particles to spread out through a room
9.Common hazard of fuels
10.This gas is about 80% of the air we breathe
13.Used to obtain pure water from salt water
14.A solid that dissolves in a liquid
16.These change colour depending on the pH of a solution
19.These go on the left hand side of a word equation
20.Caused by particles of gas hitting the wall of a container.
25.A liquid which dissolves things
26.Carbon Dioxide makes this go cloudy
27.Strong laboratory acid used to make explosives
1.Strong laboratory acid with formula H2SO4
2.Sign of a chemical reaction when a solid forms in a solution
4.Metals react with acid to make a salt and this gas
5.Technique to remove sand from a salt solution
11.The pH of an acid does this when we add alkali
12.A solution that can't dissolve anymore solid.
15.This gas is necessary for combustion
17.Describes a solid which does not dissolve
18.Solutions with a pH of seven are this
21.Describes the movement of particles in a gas
22.Physical state with fixed volume but no fixed shape
23.When black copper oxide forms copper sulfate what colour is the product
24.The opposite of an acid

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