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Empty Crossword Puzzle

Sven C. McCaskill

1 2 3   4
5 6   7      
12     13        

2.mysterious girl who has dyed black hair
6.a product that has become limited because of overuse
8.owner of the whippersnapper three
10.a brunette friend of Nikies who is on the cheerleading team
11.husband and wife who support other enegry sources other than oil
12.A Natural resource that is abundant in Bolivia that can be used for energy
14.varcity quarterback in his junior year
15.ended up dating Gwen and helped people when the huricane hit
1.the dog that Tom finds swimming in the water
3.machone/house that provided clean energy
4.popular girl who wears glasses and does cheerleading
5.a town that continued to get gas when no other town got it
7.Gwens brother
9.a combination of two massive hurricanes Oscar and Pearl
13.loves Gwen but they just become friends

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