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dork dairies a not so popular party girl


1 2       3
4   5    
6                   7  
  9     10
11   12              
16           17        

2.Social misfit
6.a type of berry
11.a sweat that help you on your diet
14.i really like to ? people.
15.If your really scary of something then you have a ?
16.i am load !
17.you fail to win
18.A person in your family that you do not like using your lip gloss
19.Some joke are very ?
1.When you spy on someone it's very
2.Something that you write your personal feel in
3.i go there too buy clothing
4.i totally get up on being the leader
5.Someone that you hate
7.when you add two or more numbers then you are doing ?
8.i learn some much a school thank too my ?
9.when your totally irrational and wild
10.Someone that you like a lot
12.i really like a thing some con even say i'm ?
13.If your sad then ,you have to get ?

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