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Geography & Prehistoric Native Americans Vocab

Brandon Frazier

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3.largest swap in north america
9.means "very old" & "long ago"
10.mountains lands meet coastal plain
12.alabama and georgia border
15.climate influnced by elevation
19.digs up old things
21.american indain from 8000bce - 5000 bce
25.describe where a place is compared with other places
28.highest prehistorc civilisation in georgia
29.region of georgia that runs from the coast to the peadmont platue
1.fences made of sharpended stakes
2.located beteen the blueridge mountains & appalachain mountains
4.georgia and south carilina border
5.system of mountains in the eastern north america
6.located in the northwethern part of the state
7.lack of precipitation over a period of time
8.american indain from 5000bce - 1000bce
11.identifes a precise location
13.chain of marshes and rivers by georgia
14.american indain from 5000bce began to fish
16.group of people that hold differnt resposibilty
17.study the origin of something
18.rain, hail, sheet, or snow
20.science of altiwiting plants & trees
22.begins in the foot hills gos to the central part of the state
23.low laying area filled with swamps
24.located in the northeastern part of the state
26.somthing found from an older time
27.1000bce - 1000ad began to form tribes

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