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Katie and Ben are Getting Married

Let's all get acquainted!

1 2 3
4       5        
6 7      
8 9                     10   11  
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    14 15        
  19                                   20
22                   23     24                
25             26
  27   28                  
    29             30
31                       32
34   35        
37   38            

4.What Ben did for 4 years after highschool
5.Katie's uncle who is giving a reading during the ceremony
8.Ben and Katie's favorite place to get takeout on Sundays (2 Words)
12.Ben and Katie's cat's name
13.Ben works for this company
16.The two ladies that lived with Katie in Ireland (alphabetical) (3 Words)
17.Katie pretends she's a character in this musical before she goes to bed
19.The name of Ben's first band in highschool (4 Words)
22.Bridesmaids Tara and Lori worked with Katie here (2 Words)
24.Where Katie's brother Conor lives
25.Katie and Ben's favorite color
28.Katie's favorite food
29.Ben's middle name
31.the name of the church where Katie and Ben will be married (2 Words)
33.Katie's maid of honor
36.Ben and Katie's wedding song "In My Life" by the
37.The disney movie Katie and bridesmaid Allie choreographed dance moves to
39.Ben's aunt who is giving a reading during the ceremony
40.Ben's mom, Rhoda, and Aunt Cheryl's childhood nickname for Ben
1.Where the lucky couple is honeymooning
2.Mother of the groom
3.Where Katie lived on an Indian Reservation
6.Two of Joan's best friends who hosted this shower (alphabetical order) (4 Words)
7.Ben's best man
9.The Greek restaurant that Katie and Ben went the night Ben proposed
10.the reception location (3 Words)
11.Katie's middle name
14.Ben's major in school
15.Katie's major in school
18.Where Ben asked Donald for his blessing to marry Katie (2 Words)
20.The bridesmaid that is Katie's cousin
21.Katie and Ben have been dating for this many years
23.Bridesmaids Jackie and Eve went to college with Katie here (2 Words)
26.Name of the town where Katie lived for 6 months in Ireland
27.Katie and Ben live in this town
30.what Katie is most excited to ride in on the day of her wedding
32.This cousin babysat Katie the night Conor was born
34.Mother of the bride
35.Ben and Katie's zodiac sign
38.This aunt took Katie out for her first drink at 2 years old

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