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Lexi Spelling

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1.My parents say I am very ________.
4.I want to ______ this sentence.
5.I have a _____ on one of my teeth.
7.The girl wasn't very _______ during the show.
9.The candy had a _______ flavor.
12.Can you _____ give me back my toy?
13.I bet I can _____ faster than you.
14.I want to ____ for gold and silver.
2.The ______ was found and put in jail.
3.The farm was ______ friendly.
6.The _____ average of the class was 77%.
8.I want to be an ______ when I am older.
10.I went into a ____ when I was in 5th grade.
11.A detective helps to solve a _____.

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