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Critical Reading

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2.an attemp to justify an argument by using a well known celebrity to support it
5.options given are in a position of two extremes. "if you're not with us, you are against us" (2 Words)
11.the argument is nothing more than a restatement of the conclusion (2 Words)
12.relies on evidence rather than personal experience
13.opinion on info that hasn't been researched on
1.drawing a conclusion based on lack of evidence (2 Words)
3.tactic authors use to manipulate their audience to accept a particular point of view (2 Words)
4.info based upon direct experience,includes dates, names of people and places.
6.in an analogy, 2 objects or events are shown to be similar (2 Words)
7.encourages audience to go along with the crowd on something (2 Words)
8.the personal character of an individual is logically irrelevant to the truth (3 Words)
9.info that can be changed and/or modified,can be argued and disputed
10.irrelevant reasons are offered to support a claim (2 Words)

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