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Chapter 9: Development

1                                   2  
6               7                    
16                           17                    

1.A concept developed by the American historian Immanuel Wallerstein to refer to an economic unit extending beyond
4.nvesting in United States businesses by foreign citizens
6.states that political & economic relationships b/w countries & regions control & limit the developmental possibilities of less well-off areas
8.A time lag between the appearance of a new technology and its acquisition by a country
9.describes the pattern of distribution of the MDCs and LDCs. When the earth is viewed from the North Pole (azimuthal), the MDCs are clustered near the center of the map (core) while the LDCs are near the edges (periphery).
10.The theroy that, in the long run, identical pruducts and services in different countries should cost the same in different countries.
12.the state or stages of the economy
13.Value of whats produced by a places residents.
14.To acquire, by payment
15.A situation in which a worker is employed, but not in the desired capacity
16.Control by a powerful country of its former colonies
17.A specified state of growth or advancement
18.A time lag between the appearance of a new technology and its acquisition by a country
2.A major historic model for economic growth, postulating that it happens in five basic stages of varying length
3.consumption of energy or power
5.Indicator of level of development for each country
7.as a percentage of daily requirement is an important index of development(calories)
11.Value of the total output of goods and services produced in a certain place

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