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Mr. Newell

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    47               48        

1.a ruling class of noble families
10.made it easier to travel long distances at sea
12.to protect against disease by transmitting a disease-causing agent to a person, stimulating the body's defensive reactions
14.The samurai period lessoned the status of ____.
15.at the end of samurai battles, the losers were ____.
17.a samurai warrior would be similar to a European ___.
18.individual characters made of wood or metal that can be arranged to create a job for printing and then used over again.
20.a substance used to immunize people against disease
21.Like the Roman Empire, after the fall of the Han dynasty, China broke up into separate___.
23.united seven kingdoms into China; China’s first emperor.
26.a combination of science, magic, and philosophy that was practiced in medieval times
27.a slingshot-like war machine used for shooting rocks, shells, and other objects
29."those who serve;" a powerful warrior class in Japan
30.Chinese inventors discovered gunpowder while experimenting with ___.
32.the basis of the Song's civil service exams; a combination of Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism
33.Japanese ritual suicide
35.China's dynasties based their right to govern on this:
37.“the Way of the Warrior;” the samurai code of conduct; similar to chivalry, but stricter
38.rule by meritocracy is associated with this dynasty
39.Japanese short poetry
42.began the samurai period in 1185 by starting Japan’s first shogunate.
43.a Buddhist sect that believes that people can reach paradise through the mercy of Amida Buddha
44.a line of rulers descended from the same family
47.Chinese civil service exams were set up to prevent ___.
49.rule by officials that earn their positions
2.rule by aristocracy is associated with this dynasty
3.In the 16th century (1500's) in Japan, daimyos fought a ____ for land and power
4.a test given to qualify candidates for positions in the government
5.a samurai's most prized weapon
6.A metal made from iron
7.Zen Buddhism emphasized ___.
8.an example of how samurai ideals have affected modern Japan, would be the actions of these pilots in World War II
9.samurai were to think of themselves as already ___.
11.Helped spread learning throughout China
13.a Buddhist sect that stresses effort, discipline, self-reliance and meditation
14.a military leader operating outside the control of the government
16.styles of fighting or self-defense, such as modern-day judo and karate, that mostly began in Asia
19.ended Japanese civil wars by becoming shogun in 1603; set up capital at Edo (Tokyo).
21.completed Mongol conquest of China; created the Yuan dynasty
22.a characteristic of civilization that includes the beliefs and behaviors of a society or group of people
24.this helped foster a spirit or harmony, reverence and calm
25.to make similar items in quantity by using standardized designs and dividing labor among workers.
28.Mongol rule is associated with this dynasty
31.the body's natural defense against disease
34.Chinese civil service exams did not test on science, ___, or engineering
36.This Chinese invention most affected relations among competing groups in Europe
40.taught that people must act properly in five important relationships; that one in a relationship is above the other; and those above should be kind to those below, and those below should respect those above.
41.a highly organized body of workers with many levels of authority
43.A fine pottery, also known as "China"
45.the head of the military government of Japan in the era of the samurai
46.a local lord in Japan in the era of the samurai
48.Possibly China's greatest invention

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