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1                 2   3  
  4             5
    7       8  
10                   11              
12   13                      
  14           15              
    16 17 18

1.synonym for atomic power
4.dinosaurs became ... long ago
6.a gas breathed out by people and animals
7.synonym for rubbish
10.the process of making air, water, etc. dirty
11.animals, birds, insects, etc.that live in a natural environment
13.the natural world in which people, animals and plants live
14.of or connected with the sun
15.rain that contains harmful chemicals
19.it is in the stratosphere, and it protects the earth from harmful sunrays
20.synonym for toxic
22.the rise of temperatures caused by greenhouse gases
23.a long-term shift in the statistics of the weather
24.a big container into which people can throw round empty glass containers used for liquids
2.not harming the environment
3.carbon dioxide, methane, ozone,etc. are ...es
5.keep safe; defend
8.the sending out of gas, heat, light, etc.that is produced
9.a group into which animals, plants, etc. are divided
12.treating things that have already been used so that they can be used again
16.a series of living creatures in which each type of creature is the food for the next highest member
17.wind and solar power are ... sources of energy
18.bottles that can be taken back to the shop and filled again are ...
21.the English equivalent for Zerstörung

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