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dork dairies by shumba

russell renee

1 2 3 4  
5                 6
  8         9            
10     11    
14 15           16        
17             18      

3.cute,cool&popular is short for?
5.the head teacher?
7.a sweat that is good for a diet
8.some one that get rid of bugs?
12.if you are real of scary something you have a ?
13.book which one keeps a daily record of events and experiences.
14.boy name beginning with "B"
16.who is the main character?
17.someone that you like but does not know ?
19.i am sad so i just ?
20.social misfit
1.you lost your marble
2.What is the cool girls name in her school?
4.Who are her best friends?
6.i am a type of berry?
9.i add so i do?
10.if you real like something then you have a?
11.you have a great sense of ?
15.i give up my power so i have ?
18.i am load. so i am ?

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