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1.Few people come to Gatsby's ______.
3.How many deaths were there in the last two chapters?
7.Gatsby throws these, which is an example of the decline of spirituality.
10.Daisy uses her _____ to get out of bad situations in order to protect her image.
11.Daisy, like Tom, is very ______. An example is when she runs over Myrtle.
16.Era in which the decline of spirituality begins.
2.billboard overlooking the garage.
3.How many affairs are going on throughout the course of the book?
4.Who killed Myrtle?
5.Where the billboard is located. (3 words)
6.Term used to describe wealthy women like Daisy.
8.Daisy is ______. It often shows when talking about her daughter.
9.Symbol in the book that represents God.
12.Along with the decline of spirituality came _____.
13.According to Gatsby, Daisy's voice is full of ______.
14.In the end of the book, who do we find out Daisy is REALLY in love with? (Tom, Gatsby or both?)
15.Daisy tries to avoid conflict and suggests for all of them to go to _______.

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