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Allison Corsi

  2 3      
4   5        
7     8          
10   11 12          

2.Stealing is a ____.
4.You should look at ____ more often, the trees are pretty.
6.I do not have any ____s.
7.Help me! I can not ____!
9.You are ____ to be around.
12.Could you ____ get me something to eat.
13.I learned about rocks and ____s at school today.
1.My parents told me to take a deep ____.
3.I have to ____ my paper for school.
5.I am learning how to ____ on a computer.
6.I hope I do not become a ____, its not a good thing to be.
8.Some people are really good ____s.
10.That chair is ____!
11.We should go into that dark ____.

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